Cameron James

web guru, application developer & graphic artist

My Story

My name is Cameron James, I watched the I.T. industry expand and grow exponentially as I grew up in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.  During this time, I not only helped design some of the infrastructure that has since been refined and built on for decades, I helped some of the most popular corporations invent the systems that we all take for granted today.  It has been a truly humbling experience to consider the fact that it was my own hands that took the initial steps creating some impressive mechanisms that have since grown to become a huge part of the I.T, commercial and retail industry’s landscape.
I can help you take your business & ideas into the lounge rooms and homes of billions of consumers using the Internet daily.  What once might of been impossible is now, not only possible, but achievable at little to no cost, and it can be done today! I can help you dominate your chosen market in style using proven software combined with tried & tested marketing strategies allowing you to leap ahead of the rest. Regardless of size, our ultra-fast cloud services will scale automatically to meet your corporate demands at minimal cost, talk to me today, I’ll help you sort it out!


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